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Feb 24, 2000 10:04 AM

Church Suppers

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Last night I went to a church supper. It was held at the 1st and 2nd church in Boston on 66 Marleboro St 267-6730 -the corner of Berklee. This is a lot more than an ordinary church supper. The church was burned down in the 1960 and the fascinating new architecture includes an open lobby with picture windows. The large round tables are candle-lit and the food is catered by a first class local restaurant. Last night it was a good fresh salad, rolls, sweet potatoes, a vegetable lasagna, a pasta scampi and several desserts including a rum cake to die for. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are included in the $8 fee.

The food was good - and I got to sit with some Turkish people who were doing one of the two subsequent programs. The table conversations were open and inclusive - my first time at the church. The Turks say that the best Turkish food in Boston is at the Istanbul Café on Beacon Hill.

The dinners are held at most Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM. After the dinners there are free discussion programs for all - if you want to go. There appear to be no religious messages in these programs. I came for a lecture and discussion on what is going on in the Mass. Native American communities by a Native American leader. These lecture discussions include up to 20 or so people and begin at 7:30. You do not have to go to dinner to attend - just show up at 7:30. If you just want dessert and coffee it will cost you $2 - probably the way to go since all that good food made me sleepy :- )

There is one Indian reservation left in Mass. It includes all of five acres :- ) I hope they don't get lost there.

Anyway -this is good, solid meal in a unique place with friendly people. One of the programs scheduled for March 8 is about modern Sufism and also a program on dealing with the incredible cost of living in Boston by Janet McGill - Project Director of the Mass. Family Economic Self-Sufficiency Project.

I got some good ideas about how to find out what happened to the Native Americans who came before us where I live (Savin Hill) and an all-you-can-eat church dinner. Not bad for a chow and headhound.

Call them for a lecture schedule or post to


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  1. thanks, that's a really nice post.. Wish they had something like that in the burbs!

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      church and community suppers are usually very poorly advertised. A local once-a-month breakfast buffet only puts a sign in front of the club building. Sometimes you just have to spot a sign that's put out on Friday to announce a supper on Saturday. I have spotted a potluck and fiddlers get together in the community news section of our local paper here in NH. Good luck finding an event. We've happened on public suppers in MD and ME while vacationing.

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        A few churches around my way (I'm in suburban Boston, btw) used to hold dinners a couple of times a year when I was growing up. I honestly can't remember a recent one, so I'm presuming they've discontinued them either because of a lack of time among would-be participants and/or the labor involved would outweigh the profit.

        1. re: xo_kizzy_xo

          There are more of the annual or semi-annual dinners than you'd think - it seems to me that a lot are held in late summer or fall. But as dfrostnh says above, they're often poorly advertised, or not advertised much in advance. I often see banners across the road in towns we're passing through on fall drives, or posters around town. All of those Greek and Armenian church festivals that get posted about on here would also count as "church suppers" in my book.

          The one that Tord posted about, lo these many years ago, isn't really a "church supper" in that sense - those are usually pretty big affairs, with the food cooked by a team of volunteers from the congregation, which is why the churches only do them once a year or so!

          The First Church Boston has a (catered?) weekly dinner preceding a lecture - looks like the group is usually maybe 20 diners. Quite a different thing, although it also is interesting to know about!

    2. shewhochomps, i think you might have been misled? The date on the original post above is 2000. (It's happened to most of us i think :-{ Really too bad the CH techs can't design things such that really old threads can't be included in the Discussions You Might Also Like feature in the right gutter.

      1. The church is actually known as the the First Church Boston. It's a Unitarian Universalist church that traces its history to the original settlement of Boston. The fire was in 1968, and the church was rebuilt using the little that remained - the tower and the wall that faced Berkeley Street - and was rededicated in 1972. I performed in a show that was put on there back in the 1980s - the interior is indeed striking and beautiful,

        These suppers are still being offered on Wednesdays - the price is now $12, and you have to sign up in advance. Here's a link to the lecture series - on that page there is a link to sign up for dinners. It looks like the lectures are now at 7:00 rather than 7:30, and dinners are at 5:30.