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Feb 21, 2000 01:59 PM

Steak - The Best

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I seldom eat steak these days. It's a health issue. Friends sometimes ask about the best steak in Boston. I know about Morton's, Frank's, The Hilltop etc. Is there one place that is clearly the Best in Boston for steak?

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  1. Hi Tord…A few years ago I would have said Morton's would have been the clear choice for "Best of Boston". Even though I had not eaten there in quite a wile… my past experiences were very positive. I have now been there twice in the past six months. Both visits were disappointing. I had the Porterhouse both times and was not impressed. Steak has been a hot category in the past two or three years with several new places opening. Morton's, Grill 23, and Capital Grill have now been joined by Abe&Lewey's, The Palm, The Oak Room etc. I have not been to several of these so I do not have first hand knowledge. I do however keep my ear to the ground and have not heard any rave reviews. I tend to think the best steak available these days can be had at several of these places. No one place has a standout steak. I'll be anxious to see if any Chowhounds disagree.

    On a related subject.... I have made a promise to myself that I will eat at Peter Lugar in Brooklyn in the next four months. They certainly have the best reputation on the East Coast. I hope they have a steak to go along with it.

    By the way… Frank's is where I proposed to my wife 27 years ago.


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    1. re: Paul Desorcy

      Paul said ----
      "By the way… Frank's is where I proposed to my wife 27 years ago."

      ------- Reply ----------
      Tell me which table? If finding a great steak is a guessing game, why not recommend Frank's? :- )

      Do you recall the meals you both ate? I assume that your wife shares your love of food. I proposed to my wife after I got busted for peyote about 33 years ago. I was worried about the man having her testify against me :- ) ( I helped found the Neo-American Church and later went with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love of Laguna Beach.) We were married at the Cambridge City Hall and have been solid for about 35 years now. ( we lived together for 2 years before making it legal).


      1. re: Tord

        > after I got busted for peyote....

        Yeah, you gotta stay away from them prairie aminals, Tord!!

        Beep beep.

        1. re: julie id

          charming as your posts undoubtedly are, might i have the temerity to suggest that a thread such as this belongs more to the domain of e-mail rather than the board?

          on the other hand, i for one am utterly fascinated by the 'sindomal' and 'nonya' threads.


          1. re: howler

            ...but how does one actually FIND an email ID?? I notice MANY people here not leaving one. On most BBSes, it is mandatory...even if you use a fake/proxy one, made up specifically for the purpose.

            "julieid", for example, is just one of many that I've opened (Hotmail be praised!) specifically to field BBS feedback.

        2. re: Tord

          We ate at Franks about a year ago. Prior to that..... we had not visited in about fifteen years. They have done a complete re-model and the old proposal table is long gone. The food was good but nothing special.

          My wife also enjoys food. Back in the "good old days" we used to each eat a 1lb steak. Now that is enough for both of us and it always comes with a side order of guilt.


          1. re: Paul Desorcy

            Paul -- has your mutual interest in food enriched your marriage?

            I think that it's fun that you got together over a steak -- and my wife and I got togehter over an edible cactus. I used to order boxes of this cactus from Texas Cactus Gardens and have them delivered to NH where it was OK. Mass has a 1936 law equating these cacti with heroin. The penalty is similar. I will say that steak tastes a LOT better :-) I spent countless hours trying to hold these bitter buttons down --burping and struggling -- so that I would not spew and lose the benefits of what some call "The Food of the Gods."

            Perhaps there will someday be a restaurant serving this "God's Food" -- probably in Harvard Square :-)

            Meanwhile -- Have you ever had a really good steak in Chinatown? If so --where?

      2. Paul -- aren't you glad that we got so many opinions regarding the Best Steak in Boston. Now I won't have any trouble making up my mind :-)

        1. The Oak Room in the Copley Plaza Hotel is my favorite. I really enjoy The Palm across the street as well.