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Feb 21, 2000 01:07 AM

Kwashwe, Gyri, and Shwarmae

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1) Are there any Burmese/Myanmarese restaurants in the area?? I knew of one off the green line ("Huntington", was it?'s been a while), but when we went to check, it was now a shwarma joint.

2) What are the exact definitions/linguistic roots to "shwarma", "gyro", and "souvlaki"?? My understanding all along was that shwarma=gyro exactly, and that it was just a Greek/Turkish language shift,

But now I'm not so sure. Some people have indicated one meat or the other (shwarma=beef/chicken, gyro=lamb, and souvlaki=um...same as shwarma, maybe?), but I can't say that my experience has borne this out. Others have indicated gyro is US usage whereas shwarma is UK usage. This I actually believed until I saw the above-mentioned "shwarma" joint in Boston.

Oh, yeah, if there are any OTHER terms as well, please feel free to throw THOSE in as well....

And lastly, is there any truth to the fact that "hero" (i.e. sub), actually COMES FROM the word "gyro"?? I notice a lot of regions in the US (California, for one), which pronounce it that way. To me (Boston) they are clearly distinct items (and pronounciations), but any regions in which the two are blurred together?? That is, a catch-all word for "sandwich", give or take a roll-up....??

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    Rachel Perlow

    Julie - I'd love to see this post (from #2 on down) moved to the General Topics board. You'll have a better shot at getting some responses to these definition-type queries. I, for one, look forward to seeing some answers, but if you're not in the Boston area, you're less likely to read the Boston board.

    Rachel :>