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Feb 21, 2000 12:50 AM

Double Happiness

  • j

Well, I've finally found my way to the Boston the great relief of everyone in New York, I'm sure. #:o)

Haven't been in this city in YEARS, and I haven't made it to Cambridge yet, so I must Yen Ching still there??

Back in my college days, this was THE place for lunch. But with its precarious location, I figured it wouldn't survive the next development wave.

Speaking of which, what about "Breshnev's" (Kung Fat on Stuart)?? Went there last month, but it was a DIFFERENT Chinese family running the place...looked NOTHING like Leonid....

Anyone know where the dear Premier ended up?? New location (HOW could you top a GAS STATION?!!) or just out of business??

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  1. Yen Ching is still on Mass Ave.

    I don't know the Kung Fat -- there is a Kung Fu that changed hands. The former owner/cook looked a bit like Breshnev -- and it was always popular with college kids.I wrote a review of the Kung Fu a couple of months ago called -- "A Mongolian Touch".

    I believe that the Premier closed and is history.