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Feb 18, 2000 10:17 PM

Mexican - Tacos el Charro?

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The Globe Calendar section on Cheap eats has a review of Tacos el Charro this week. This place has been around for a while and is near the newer Mi Casa on Centre St. in Jamaica Plain. The Globe review was very positive - tacos of pork marinated in pineapple juice - the various enchiladas - the 36-ingredient mole sauce - and the guacamole -and the combination plates. I asked a chowhound friend who lives near Centre St about Charro. He said it is very good - but so is Mi Casa and he spoke of the Mi Casa smoked beans. When asked about the mole sauce he said that the Forest Café mole was better.

Has anyone eaten at Charro -or Mi Casa or had the mole at the Forest Café? I had that mole several years ago -but haven't been back. Seth - you know Mexican food - what do you think? My JP friend has been to your wife's place -El Pelon - at my recommendation and he says El Pelon is terrific. Perhaps the roster of decent Mexican joints in Boston is improving?

Have fun in the snow.

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  1. Unfortunately, it's been over a year since this post, but I"ll reply anyway.

    1. Sadly, Mi Casita in JP has now closed. You can still get the smoky beans at the sister restaurant Centre Street Cafe down the street.
    2. I personally find El Pelon to be admirable but too salty for my taste. The first time we went there it was yummy and ever since then (MULTIPLE times) it's just been a bit disappointing.
    3. Tacos el charro is good but I like Acapulco in JP better. Try both and see what you think.
    4. The mole at Forest Cafe was tasty but usually over substandard fish or chicken. Too bad. Also, it's hard for me to appreciate the flavor of anything with that much cigarette smoke in the air.