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Feb 17, 2000 05:51 PM

P something in Central Square?

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Has anyone tried the restaurant that I think, just opened in Central Square in starts with a "P" and seems like a very exotic name. It's right on Mass Ave...can you tell me what it's called and what kind of food it has?

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  1. Anisha -- perhaps it is "Palenque" --the name of a place in Mexico. I wrote about it on Dec 25th --

    " There is a new little place near the T stairway in Central Square called the Palenque. It just opened a couple weeks ago. I went in and asked for a chilli rejeno --it was on the menu but they didn't have any --nor did they have a mole sauce dish that looked interesting. Its mostly a take out place and the staff barely speaks English -- but they do make a good steak
    burrito for $5.95. It weighs in your hand. Two meals for me."

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      when i read the subject line i thought you guys were talking about that mouth watering xiaolongbao which i remember to have seen only in Mary Cheung's in Central Sq. (Cambridge). Is it still there? Are are there other/better places to find them? Anywhere in Chinatown?

      Thanks for any leads!

    2. I went by the Palenque today looking for something to take along to McDonald's -- where the kids can play.( Today they drew blood). I asked the guy behind the Palenque counter for a chilli relleno. As always --they advertise all sorts of things they do not have. I then asked about a mole dish -- and was told they have that. I took the styrefoam box over to Micky D's where my wife was sitting with the kids. I opened it and found a sweet roll smeared with some refried beans and covered with shredded lettuce, green peppers and tomatos. Mole had turned into molettas :-) It was lousy.

      Don't bother with this place unless you speak Palenque! They don't have a clue.