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Feb 16, 2000 12:14 PM

Brazilian chop houses

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What is your opinion of those "rodizio" Brazilian steak houses where the servers all go around cutting shanks of meat onto your place until you put up the "red flag?"

Sometimes the meat can be spotty in terms of the way its cooked. Usually, it's pretty good though.

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  1. Hi - sounds like youve really gotten into Houston foodlife - why not post some of your favorites for rijstaffel, rodizio, vietnamese etc.on the Texas board?


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      I have posted there also.

    2. No cuisine or restaurant type is intrinsically good or's all about the quality of ingredients and the skill of the chef. Same for rodizio. I'm not really sure what sort of opinions you're looking for here.

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      1. re: Jim Leff

        Sometimes the concept of serving food a certain way can be discussed, especially by those who are green to it. Think about tapas and how they were originally served. That can be discussed without the nuances of specific spices, preparation and all that.

        But yes, I agree that food, whatever its geographic origin, is basically good, as you say.

        1. re: worldlyman

          I'm not totally sure we've had a true meeting of the minds on this, but I'm glad you think we agree!

          At any rate, all foodly matters are fair game for discussion here, fer sure. I wasn't trying to censor you, just to point out the pitfalls of generalizing.


      2. Personally, I love those Brazilian chop houses. So much meat, it's a once a year treat.

        Tho, I've only been to one in Mass., and it was way out in Southborough. If anyone knows of a Brazilian chop house closer to the city, lemme know. It's been a while since I forsaked my heart, capilaries and conscience and went a meat binge.


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        1. re: Tom Stebbins

          There's a Brazilian I've had my eye on for some time; I'm not sure they serve rodizio style (though lots of brazilians are grafting rodizio onto their menus because of the fad). Check out cafe brazil 421 Cambridge Street, Brighton (617) 789-5980, just south of the Pike.

          1. re: Tom Stebbins

            CHURRASCO RODIZIO (barbecue in the round) is a great way to get your meat overdose. There are two places I know of in the Boston area. Midwest Grill.. 1124 Cambridge Street.. Cambridge ..617 354-7536 and Ipanema Restaurant.. 106 Southville Road.. Southborough.. 508 460-6114. Pampas, which was on Mass Ave., just outside of Central Square, is now closed. I have had the Churrasco at Ipanema but ate off the regular menu when I went to Midwest. My one complaint about Churrasco is that after a while everything starts to taste the same . Don’t miss the "chicken hearts" and "Sagres beer".


            1. re: Paul Desorcy

              Paul, thanks for posting. Small correction of an error EVERYONE makes: the style of all-you-can-eat meat from strolling waiters is called "rodizio". Churrasco just refers to a steakhouse in general. All churrascos are not rodizio, but all rodizios are churrasco!

              "My one complaint about Churrasco is that after a while everything starts to taste the same"

              I know what you mean...but that's not true when it's done really well. For ex, at good places in Brazil they treat each cut of meat completely differently; lots of individual hands-on care. In most places in USA, it's done more like an assembly line, with time-on-the-skewer the only variant.

              "Don’t miss the "chicken hearts""

              mmmmm...chicken hearts! the best!