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Feb 16, 2000 12:10 PM

Some Pakistani and Indonesian ideas

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For you good East Coast folks,

If you haven't tried these dishes, please do.

Pakistani "biryani" is good, cheap and SPICY eats. It's basically a rice mixed with beef strips. And to really stuff you, get some chicken "tikka" with nan bread. For the fiery tastebuds for sure.

And doing the Indonesian "rijstaffel" is really fun. It's like a big sampler table of the different dishes like ayam goreng, sate and gado gado. A bit costly, but definitely worth a try.

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  1. Biryani isn't just Pakistani, it's eaten all over the subcontinent. And as I mentioned in reply to your rodizio posting, I don't think it makes sense to extol (or denounce) a dish or style generally--with the possible exception of a few very specific preparations that are intrinsically interesting and/or hard to find. Biryani and chicken tikka are two of the most common dishes found in Indian restaurants, and can range in quality from abysmal to transcendent.

    As for seeking food that will "stuff" us, I think you'll find that most people hanging around this site are more interested in deliciousness than satiation.

    Re: the costliness of rijstaffel, that--like quality--ranges from place to place.