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Feb 14, 2000 10:27 PM

Chinatown Bakeries --- More on the Double Rich

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I have a sack of pastries in front of me - all from the Double Rich Bakery. The first one is that sort of "Bismarck" - the dough tastes of vanilla --typical of many sweet pastries in Chinatown. The whipped cream is very sweet. Not much filling. Overall - It's not my thing.
The second is a red colored flat disc of very brittle, flaky dough filled with a dense sort of dark bean paste. This is very good.
Third is a seven or so inch long almond pastry - a sort of cheesy sweet filling with the vanilla dough of the first pastry. Not bad.
Fourth is a really good gai mai bow - a long pastry filled with a peanut buttery filling. My favorite.
Fifth - are very dense, chewy dough with a meat filling --- patties. Very different flavor and something you won't find in restaurants. Worth a try.

There must be fifty sorts of pastries at the Double Rich. Drop by -it's just a block out of Chinatown on the way to South Station from the arch. Hook a left on Lincoln St. and its forty yards down on the left. Visit the market next door and check out all the funky smells the Chinese seem to relish. :-)


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