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Feb 13, 2000 01:52 PM

veggie restaurants

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Other than the Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc. cuisines-- can anyone tell me if they have found American or Nouvelle "Gourmet" Veggie Restaurants in and around the Boston area. I tried Five Seasons in Brookline and was rather unimpressed. I'll even take info on take out restaurants

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  1. Anisha -- Here is one place I posted but only lasted for a few hours ---

    Country Life at 200 High St. -they have a website
    This is a Vegan outfit - no animal products -no honey - no dairy - Of course there is a large salad bar and you get your tea with the meal. There are a range of mock stuff - mock beef, mock sour cream, mock egg salad. The reviewer said that his friend and he ate bowls full what they thought was pudding but which actually was the Vegan version of Cool Whip.

    Sounds like an nexpensive experiment. Highlights - Garlic Onion rolls - fresh veggie side dishes -mock chicken salad - carob whipped topping.
    Let us know if you try it. I have been looking for good salad bars.

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      They used to have a branch of this near my office in NYC. It closed 10 or more years ago and I still miss it. It was a healthy walk away, I loved the peaceful country wall murals, tables were set up in such a way that you could have some privacy and if you were alone you didn't feel awkward. And the food-- there was a changing assortment of tasty and healthy food. I remember that pseudo-Cool-Whip-- it was wonderful for dessert on fresh fruit. I'll have to visit the Boston branch next time I'm there and see how it compares to my memory of the NY one.

    2. One of the best veggie restaurants I've been to is Veggie Planet, located in Club Passim in Harvard Square. It is really creative and tasty. Many things are served on this delicious crusty/chewy flatbread and called "pizza" although I find the term a total disservice to the dish. I highly recommend you try it.