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Chinese - Chau Chow and Golden Gate

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Former Subject: Re(3): Chinese - Ming's Café
From foodmaster@mediaone.net (Paul Desorcy)
Posted: February 07, 2000 at 18:22:05

Paul said -------
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"Hi Tord Have you ever eaten at Chau Chow 52 Beech Street? They do a super job with seafood. I am also a long time fan of the Golden Gate 66 Beach Street. As far as I know they are the only ones to cook a "Rib Roast" every day. It was never on the menu but you could order it any way you liked. One of my favorites was with Bean Sprouts…Pea Pods and Pan Fried Noodles.
Like you…… I don't know of any lunch buffets. There are several good Dim Sum places but you have to keep track of the chefs…. who keep moving.. to know where to go.

We anxiously await your review of Jumbo Seafood."


Reply -------
Paul and friends --- the Chau Chow on Beach has been a favorite of ours since it opened many years ago. Later, the Globe "discovered" it and there were long lines outside for a while - until the Globe discovered another place.

The Chau Chow opened a surrogate restaurant across the street where another restaurant had packed up (I want to say it was the "Lucky Dragon" -but memory fails.) Now they have a third -- the huge "Grand Chau Chow" --- also. I like the old place. Small booths -the waiters remember you. They do a brisk take-out business. People seem to come down from the South End and Roxbury. Often the staff has to argue with Roxbury's version of Puffy Coombs about why there is no bread included with the take-out order. It's rather pathetic for a place of such quality food.

I haven't eaten at the Golden Gate in many years. I always associated it with the bad times in Chinatown when waves of homeless African Americans were on the streets begging and warring over turf. You couldn't go to Chinatown without being accosted by myriad aggressive bums and whores. The Golden Gate had a down and out, mostly Anglo clientele. At first I thought of them as refugees - sort of "beats" - that fit in with the "Golden Gate San Francisco" theme - but the food was, to me, also "beat" and too Anglo - like a relic from the '50s when all the white customers wanted was egg foo yung, chop suey and sweet and sour pork. Times have changed. The Golden Gate has been fixed up and the decades old caked scum blasted off. I'll try the rib roast -how do you like it? Do you have any other recommended dishes at either the Chua Chow or the Golden Gate?

Have a good weekend.. I'm going to try to go to the "Touchable Stories" history exhibition in Upham's Corner this afternoon. Probably try the new "A Strong Cup of Coffee" coffeehouse - Dorchester's only coffeehouse - on my way up there. It's on Stoughton St. named after the judge who condemned the witches of Salem :-) (Oh feminism, where is thou stink?). I see that people are trying to change the name of Amherst since that guy was famous for giving the Indians blankets purposefully contaminated with small-pox.

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  1. Tord…..Wish you had given Golden Gate a few more tries. Admittedly …the cast of characters you describe were in attendance …but this did not diminish the food. Along with the aforementioned "Rib Roast" the "Pan Fried Noodles" were a great alternative to rice or lo mein. They also did a very good "Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce" their "Roast Pork Wonton" …with slices of Pork Strips… was a good starter. At the end of the meal... they had those nice little $1 custards you see at all the bakeries. All this for just a few bucks and with minimal… next morning dry mouth.

    While on the subject ….Chinatown bakeries… are for the most part… "Same Day" scratched baked goods. Considering the sorry state of "Sweet Bakery" these days… I think they are one of the best alternatives. Although you cannot buy a "Bismarck"… they have a good selecting of ridiculous low priced fresh baked goods. By the way…does anyone know where to get a real good Bismarck? I am talking fresh doughnut pastry (usually fried) filled with real whipped cream and a decent jelly.

    I have eaten at all three Chau Chow, Grand Chau Chow and Chau Chow City …and while the food is comparable... I still like Chau Chow. I think they excel in Seafood preparations. Their "Soft Shell Crab"(when in season) is Fablousah. Also... their dry cooked "Pan Fried Jumbo Shrimp". I have never had the chance to try the Abalone…how about you? I am always so intrigued scooping out the food it makes me want to spend a week there …non stop… and try everything.