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Feb 12, 2000 10:16 AM

Valentine's Day Lunch

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Any suggestions for a Valentine's Day (Monday) lunch within range of the MBTA? Something a little romantic?

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  1. radius comes to's right off the south station line. or how about truc in the south end. i really love truc! and there's never any one there.

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      Thanks Anisha -- It has been raining like heck -- as I am sure you know. My wife and I spent the afternoon in bed making love --which is a great idea for Valentines Day --especially for a 62 year old guy :-)

      We are about to go out now to the Brattle Book Store and then down to Chinatown fo the twin lobster special at the Golden Palace. We appear to both have worked up an appetite.

      We will try Truc on another day.