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Feb 10, 2000 02:26 PM

Sri Lankan Food

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Does any one know of any place in Massachusetts to get Sri Lankan food...not Indian...Sri Lankan? I am missing my roots and my mom!

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  1. if its any consolation, dont think that the new yorkers have it any better: i haven't spotted a sri lankan here in the tri-state area over the last 10 years. theres only punjabi, south indian, a coupla three so-so gujaratis and (judging from what people have said) a bad goan. no sindhi, andhra, maharastrian, parsi, konkani, rajasthani, hyderabadi, bengali. no lucknowi. no indian-continental. no kashmiri.

    but as thats true of every city in the sub-continent, i dont know why it should be different here.

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      Howler--there is at least one, maybe two or three sri lankan places in midtown. put up a query on the manhattan board and I'm sure you'll hear all about them!


    2. Hi Anisha -- I'm from Boston. I like Indian food and have some contacts in the Indian community hereabouts. They tell me that there are few Sri Lankans in Boston -- not enough to support a restaurant devoted to this cuisine. The place where there are numbers of Sri Lankans is Toronto, Canada. One of my friends will supply me with a phone number of a Sri Lankan friend in Toronto who can tell us more.

      There may be a small group of Sri Lankan students at BU or Harvard. Sometimes these students get together and share food. Perhaps you could check with the Universities?

      Good luck -- we sympathize with you! In other lives we have all been strangers in a strange land :-)

      1. i found this link to a list of sri lankan restaurants in the U.S.

        i read a review recently in the ithaca times about a sri lankan store/restaurant in ithaca, ny.
        there is also supposed to be a place called "araliya" (the sri lankan name for the frangipani flower) in cincinnati ohio that got good reviews about a year ago.

        haven't tried any of these places though :)

        1. Hi Anisha,

          It's more than an year snce you posted the food SOS (i'm with you there) so i don't know if you'll ever get this post. I've been living in Boston for a couple of years now and I don't think there're any SL restaurants in Boston or in MA. There's one in NYC on 46th St near Times Sq and in LA. What I do is get some stuff from and prepare something myself. Bythe way, Couscous (Near East brand) is a great substitute for rice & much easier to prepare (you can find this on the rice aisle)

          1. The original comment has been removed