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Feb 7, 2000 04:27 PM


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I can remember the days when a scratch made hamburger patty and some fresh cut French fries were not that hard to find. Even Mickey D's had baskets of fresh cut potatoes hanging above their fryers when they started. Now it's hard to find either one---- let alone both in the same place. You will almost always get fresh fries in a Portuguese restaurant …not sure why?…but they don't serve hamburgers. Some places have a nice fresh hand made patty>>>> there best when the edges split and get crunchy<<<< but they serve those frozen sticks of potato. Casey's in Natick has a good burger even though they cook it on a griddle and use White American on their cheeseburgers.

If anyone knows of such a Hamburg Mecca please post and let me know. If they use "Yellow " American cheese on their cheeseburgers we'll have to call it "Heaven".

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  1. Paul -- Try Tim's Bar and Grill on Columbus Ave. in the South End. 437-6898

    The hamburgers are from scratch. The fries are both ways ---frozen or fresh cut. Ask for fresh cut and they will give them to you --at least that's been my experiemce. When they get very busy they fall back to frozen.

    Tim's claims they have the best hamburgers in Boston. I used to go there frequently when Chef Chandler was in residence. His soul cooking was fantastic --but Tim's has always prided itself on its burgers.

    Give it a try and report back what you find.

    Bartley's Burger Cottage on Mass Ave. near Harvard Square has good burgers -- but their fries are frozen. However --- their sweet potato French fries are all made from scratch by them -- so, if you like sweet potatoes there is a solution.