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Feb 4, 2000 11:55 AM

Chinese - Ming's Café

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Another visit to Ming's for a late lunch. The chicken with sweet corn soup -a huge bowl for $5.50 - great tasting and a cold winter's day joy. A hot-pot - seafood with Portuguese sauce --- $7.50. A wonderful version of General Gau's Chicken for $6.95 --- rich and spicy with a better flavor than most I've had.

The parking situation is easy with a lot behind Ming's - solving a perennial problem about eating in or near Chinatown.(Ming's is in the South End 160 E. Berkeley St 338-8830 -- now open to 10 PM)

There is a very long seafood menu with stuff like Grouper, Chilean Sea Bass, Flounder, Striped Bass, Eel, Live Florida Shrimp, Black Sea Bass, Sole, Baby Octopus, etc. Most everything is $7 to $9. They also have a lot of vegetarian items.

You can step to the left when you enter and order cafeteria style or go to the right for full service. Check out the specials on the walls -in Chinese AND English.

Don't forget that Ming's Market is around the corner for just about anything your heart desires. I like the varieties of preserved ginger candies. Watch out that you don't get Galanga instead of the regular ginger -it's hot!


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    Paul Desorcy

    Made it to Ming's last night. They were very busy when we arrived.. mostly Asian diners as you suggested. As it turned out our table for four was only about five minuets. The open kitchen layout makes for interesting viewing while you wait. You can also stop by the "live fish tank" and pick out dinner.

    Being the salt freak that I am….. I was delighted to see all the "salt cooked " selections on the menu. Our waitress was very helpful and pointed out our original choices would have included some duplication. We wound up with 2 appetizers 4 main dishes and 2 vegetable selections.

    I would say the food is on par with the restaurants in Chinatown. Better than some not as good as others. The parking lot in the rear is a big plus. We wound up as the last table….they close at 9 PM. I didn't get a chance to check out the market….maybe on my next visit.

    I have told…….now the meal is over.


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    1. re: Paul Desorcy

      Paul -- Did you try any of the seafood offerings? What did you like and what did you not like so much ?

      My wife Su and I went in to Chinatown for Asian New Year with our five year old twin girls in tow -- a Cape Verdean friend's daughters we get to be with often. The whole district was blocked off to traffic and there were several dragons making the rounds with fireworks. They would string the parking sign poles with firecrackers and the whole effect of noise and light was very spectacular. The kids were in awe.

      We had lunch at Jumbo Seafood -- I'll try to report on that later.

      Are there any lunch buffets at decent Chinatown restaurants? I can't recall any -- mostly it is Dim Sum.

      1. re: Tord
        Paul Desorcy

        Hi Tord…..We did try some of the seafood. Salt Cooked fried seafood trio. It was very tasty but maybe the batter could have been a little lighter. The fried Grouper was good also but you did have to navigate some bones. We also ordered the jumbo shrimp, which were a little bland. The General Gau's Chicken was different from others I have had..not as pungent…the meat was a little tough. The Scallion Pancakes and Spring Rolls were OK nothing special. They did a good job with the String Beans with Garlic and the Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce.

        Have you ever eaten at Chau Chow 52 Beech Street? They do a super job with seafood. I am also a long time fan of the Golden Gate 66 Beach Street. As far as I know they are the only ones to cook a "Rib Roast" every day. It was never on the menu but you could order it any way you liked. One of my favorites was with Bean Sprouts…Pea Pods and Pan Fried Noodles.

        Like you…… I don't know of any lunch buffets. There are several good Dim Sum places but you have to keep track of the chefs…. who keep moving.. to know where to go.

        We anxiously await you review of Jumbo Seafood.