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Feb 3, 2000 09:34 AM


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Went to Ajanta yesterday in search of good Indian food. Ajanta is located on First Street in Cambridge, across from the Cambridgeside Galleria. Inspired by a review in Zagats claiming a "great lunch buffet", I went for lunch. Unfortunately, it was a big disappointment. The buffet had vegetable korma, a curry dish simply labeled "chicken", and lemon chicken (?) which I assume was tandoori as it had no trace of lemon flavor. The food was mediocre at best.

I know that some might disagree, but I find buffet selections at Indian restaurants to be a good indication of the quality of their food as a whole. Ajanta supposedly has good south indian food, such as dosai, but based on the buffet I can't say that I'll be rushing back there to try it out.

Sigh. The search for good Indian food in the Boston area continues.

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  1. have any of you folks tried udupi bhavan, mentioned last year by A Rao? (see attached post)


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      Tom Stebbins

      Seth et. chowhounds,

      I work right near Ajanta and have had the buffet lunch there twice. The first time was excellent, the second time was horrendous. It seems really hit or miss to me. You're better off going to Boca Grande right next door. Some of the best chowhounding around. If you go the chicken route, make sure you ask for grilled chicken, otherwise you'll BOILED chicken. Anyhow, I'll hit Ajanta sometime next week and post a report on this tangent. If you're ever around East Cambridge definitely hit the Boca for a bite.