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Feb 2, 2000 05:35 PM

Baked Stuffed Lobster

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Every two months or so a group of us Chowhounds go on food outings which we have dubbed--- Best of the Best. Our next scheduled trip is on 2/16/00 to Venus De Milo 75 Grand Arm Hwy Swansea Mass--508 678-3901. We will be going for lunch as we have several times in the past. Their specialty is "Baked Stuffed Lobster" that are available in several sizes up to 3 1/2 lbs. I always get the 3 1/2 lb. size which is very good what their is of it. They also make a very good Clam Chowder. All Chowhounds are welcome to come along. If you are interested, E-mail me for more info.


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    Tord Svenson

    Paul -- I'd love to go with you guys on your trip to Venus but my colonoscopy is scheduled for 2 PM that day. Please give me a thought as you enjoy that lobster.

    I have some fun planned for my exam. Just before I go to the clinic I'm going to shove a PokeMon up my butt for show and tell.

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    1. re: Tord Svenson
      Paul Desorcy

      Tord....Sorry to hear you have an appointment with the Roto-Rooter man. Sounds like Pokeman should be amusing. I am sure we will be going to Venus again. Perhaps you can make it another time. I may be off to Ming's tonight for dinner. The seafood line-up sounds fabulash. If I go I will be sure to post with my comments.


      1. re: Paul Desorcy
        Tord Svenson

        Paul -- There were several off-the-menu fresh fish choices on the Mings wall offerings. They had a wild sounding lobster dish.

        Looking forward to what you think about Mings. Its a very down to earth, unpretentious, cheap-eats place with a mostly Asian clientel. I often go with our female Indian minister and they certainly remember us. She's addicted to Mings --says it reminds her of the Chinese food she used to get in Calcutta in her youth.

        I see lights in the Super 88 Market food court. Perhaps this Asian food paradise will be in business soon and add a great element to our Dorchester food environment.

        Very glad that you and other Boston list people are getting together from time to time. I haven't got a car presently --but I can get lots of places on the "T" and could hook up with somebody for a trip out of town.

        Have fun and good chowhounding. The meal isn't really over until you tell somebody about it. :-)

        1. re: Tord Svenson

          Am I too late. I have been posting in the last 2 days about baked stuffed lobster. I actually asked about this place. In case I missed it how do I get there from Boston or Merose routr 93 or 95, also if you go again let me know. By the wat how much is the medium size? Is it really as good as it's rep.

          1. re: geese

            Geese, if you check out the date, the thread is from 2000! You're 8 years and 15 days too late. :)

            1. re: Prav

              But I guess that solves the Venus part of his post on the other thread.......

            2. re: geese

              Geese,it is as good as its rep.It's the best anywhere.I think the medium is going for close to fifty dollars now.For about twenty dollars more,its worth getting the 3 1/2 pounder.Take the rest home and have a great meal the following day.Its a hike from Boston.Its on route 6 in Swansea.I think the best route for you to take is route 95 into Providence.From there,take route 195 west(a left hand on ramp)until you reach the Swansea exit.Take route 6 east for about 3 or 4 miles until you reach the Venus on the left.Just for the record,Emeril claims it to be the best baked stuffed lobster in New England.