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Jan 22, 2000 06:04 AM

Porter Square Info ?

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In Reply To: Re(4): Salad ?
Posted by Smee on January 20, 2000 at 09:33:45

Smee-Thanks for the tip about salads near Porter Square (Bread and Circus). Once it gets warmer (its zero tonight in Boston) my wife and I will begin exploring the Porter Square area. We are located on the Red Line (Savin Hill) and it is an easy shot all the way out to Alewife.
Do you or does anyone else know of good places to eat around Porter Square? We have done some chowhounding around Davis Square-I note that the Somerville Theater in Davis Square deservedly got the Best Cheap Movie Theater award in the Globe on Thursday. Chowing down and seeing a good movie for $3 (with my senior discount) is doubling your pleasure. Davis Square has several worthy chowhound places-but it would be fun to hear other opinions-and some tips about Porter Square.

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  1. I'm new to this site (I'm very excited) hope I don't repeat old information. Probably the most interesting option in Porter Square would be in the Porter Exchange building (old Sears building). Lesley College has offices and classrooms there among the various stores. However I'm thinking they must have some sort of Japanese exchange program because there are many Japanese students and what amounts to a Little Japan. There are about 6+ eateries in addition to a well stocked Japanese market and other Japanese stores. It appears to me that these eateries offer what may be "standard" Japanese fare for the Japanese. In other words, authentic dishes. Nothing terribly fancy (but its all unique to me) and many options beyond sushi. Its definitely an experience and apparently a well kept secret because no one ever seems to have heard of it. I REALLY enjoy the market, one of my favorite Japanese dishes is Unagu, broiled eel in some really delicious sauce. They sell the broiled eel filet in the sauce for 1/2 the price you would pay (when you can get it) in the restaurant (around $5-$6). Serve that over rice seasoned with "sushi vinegar", maybe some ripe avocado and strips of roasted seaweed, and you will be happy.

    Other than that, I would say Anna's Taqueria has a darn fine burrito, really! Actually, there is a very large Japanese restaurant next to Christopher's (I do NOT recommend Christopher's unless you are a desperate vegeratarian, very inconsistent and un-interesting) whose name I cannot remember but is suppose to be very good and again, is heavily frequented by Japanese patrons.

    I'll stop here as this is my first post, hope this helps.

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      Tracy -- Thanks for the tip. I've been to the Japanese market in the old Sears building -- but your suggestions about what to eat are valuable when I get there the next time.

      Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter Squares has several restaurants. I've tried the Forest Cafe. There was a Korean place -- but its been a good ten years since I ate there and it may be gone.

      Continuing up Mass Ave past Porter -- I wonder about what is along there ?

      Anyway -- welcome to the Boston site. When you get out and about please communicate with us about what you find good to eat.


      1. re: Tord Svenson

        The Korean place is still there, if it's the nondescript "Korean Cafe" you're talking about. Pretty much a mom & pop eatery serving Korean comfort food.

        Forest Cafe has been getting a lot of press lately as "Boston's Finest Mexican" and for having supposedly authentic food from Oaxaca, Veracruz and Michoacan. Is it really all that & a bag of potato chips?


        1. re: Seth Ditchik

          Seth -- You and your wife know good Mexican -- have you tried the Forest Cafe ? Its been several years since I last ate there. I liked it then --seemed to me that they were getting past the usual American influenced dishes. The food in Mexico is NOT American influenced --except at the tourist spots. They probably have Taco Bells in Mexico :-) -- God help us!

          From the food your wife served me at her boss' little El Pelon restaurant in the Fenway, I would consider you guys as the Boston list's resident Mexican food chowhounds.

          I liked the sesame beef dish at the little Korean Cafe --remember well the unique, good taste after all these years. They have been around since long before Korean food was hip in Boston.

          1. re: Tord Svenson

            The Forest Cafe is yummy; I highly recommend Jose's (on Sherman St, Cambridge) for mexican, or Rudy's in Teele Square, Somerville...and then there's Anna's for super grande burritos! Much better than Boca Grande (I think Anna's uses better quality meat & ingredients, and takes more care in their preparation).

            We live right in Porter Square, but find that we travel out to Union and Inman for good eats alot, too. We like Wu Chon House in Union for excellent Korean (try the bi-bim-bap!), and Sweet Chili in Inman for good Thai. The Elephant Walk is excellent Cambodian, of course, but I haven't found alot of good restaurants that impress me that much within walking distance of the Porter T station. Try Chez Henri off of Mass Ave (right around the corner from Cambridge Naturals) between Porter and Harvard...and there's the Burren in Davis for good Irish pub food.