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Jan 13, 2000 05:30 AM

Coffee Beans ?

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I just made a shopping trip to the Beacom Market in Brookline -- just over the City of Boston line on Beacon St. They sell a wide range of roasted coffee beans for prices ranging from $2.99 per lb up to 5 or 6 bucks per lb. We buy their French Roast for $3.99. Does anyone know of better coffee at the same price or cheaper than this ?

Also --does any coffee supplier sell good green beans? I used to roast my own coffee in an omlet pan over the gas burner. Back then I had a line into one of the Zabar brothers (Sol) in NY and would buy ten pounds of green beans at a shot. Unroasted, they keep a long time.


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  1. Try an Ethiopian market for raw coffee beans.

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      Hi, Tord--

      In Cambridge I'd give Bread and Circus a call, but if that doesn't work, Porto Rico Importing on Bleecker St. in NYC will mail you green coffee beans. I just checked their website (below) and they don't have any listed, so I called them and they said "sure" you can mail order some green coffee. Let us know how it works out.

      And thanks for rejuvinating the Boston boards!