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Jan 10, 2000 07:22 AM

LOBSTER -- Two for Ten Bucks.

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The Golden Palace (GP) on Chinatown's Tyler St offers two lobsters for ten bucks. The deal runs from 5PM until closing (or they run out). The GP has been offering this deal for months. The price used to be $8.95 :-)

They require that you order two other dishes with the lobsters. They will make you their seafood chow foon (not on the menu) for $7.95. I think it's the best in Chinatown. The cooks at the Golden Palace actually know how to cook squid so it melts in your mouth and you don't feel like you were trying to ingest a white gum eraser. Another good choice is the pineapple and ginger chicken which has loads of large mushroom and bamboo-shoot pieces in it.

Can anyone beat that price for lobster?

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