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Chinatown -- Jumbo ?

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Jumbo Seafood on Hudson St. in Chinatown --near the great arch. Has anybody tried it lately? They were full of Asian people last night --when most of Chinatown was silent.( Sunday at 10PM.) My wife and I have eaten there once --back in '97. We were not impressed then

Jumbo has a dinner-for-two special -- seafood soup -- and three main course dishes featuring shrimp in a Grand Marnier sauce. $13.50 each.

The fish tanks in Jumbo are pretty unique in that the ownership keeps them clean. They have live shrimp swimming in a tank.

The place is so popular with Asians that we have to try it again -- but seek advice about what to order. For example -- do the shrimp taste real or are Jumbo's shrimp dishes the usual waste of good money? How are the oyster dishes? Crab? etc.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has eaten there and gives us a report.

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