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Jan 9, 2000 01:33 PM

Creole food in Boston?

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I'm an ex-pat East Texan, raised on Tex Mex and Creole cooking.. I've suffered through what passes for Mex food in New England (finally having my family send me monthly care packages of Hasa Marina, bottles of cactus, blue corn meal, etc, so I can roll my own).

All this makes me afraid to ask:

Can I find decent Creole around Boston? Is it hopeless?

Related: Are there markets where I can buy live crawfish up here? The frozen ones at the Stop & Shop are just too terrible.

Thanks in advance!

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    You may want to try Magnolia's at 1193 Cambridge St. in Cambridge 617 576-1971. John varies his menu from month to month to accommodate the seasonal choices. You will find oysters,crawfish,shrimp etc. depending what he can get at that time of year. He usally offers 2 or 3 appetizer and the same for entree. There is also a standard menu available year round. Good luck!


    1. Sure there is a good option. Try Dixie Kitchen on Mass Ave in Boston. It is on the northbound side of the street (going towards Cambridge) just past the Christian Science church (a.k.a. the Mother Church). Best crayfish I ever had was in Paris when I was studying at Cordon Bleu with the scion to Antoine's in New Orleans. His cousin brought 10 pounds to Paris where we all hunkered down over an etoufee.