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Jan 1, 2000 07:51 PM

Thai Buffets

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In the style of so many Chinese and Indian restaurants in Greater Boston some Thai places offer lunchtime buffets. Has anyone any opinions concerning these? I saw one such buffet promoted by a place down on Charles St towards the Common from the Charles Station end (on the opposite side from the King and I.) I thought about going back --but haven't. Should I ? Has anyone found a good Thai buffet in these parts --or is there something inherently evil in such a concept ?

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    Tom Stebbins

    Right near where I work in Cambridge, there is the Vietnmese place called, Poppa & Goose that has a "pan-asian" buffet for lunch every day. Unfortunately, Thai and Vietnemese food do not seem respond well to being left about and I found the buffet was pretty bad. It seems that the light noodles and fresh veggies just become overcooked when left out heating on the buffet.

    On a lighter note, my dinners at the Poppa $ Goose have been fantastic. I have a big soft spot for Vietnemese, have been to dozens of Vietnemese restaurants and I found my meals there among my best. It's really too bad that the buffet is so mediacre, else I'd be there all the time. Actually, maybe thats good. :)

    If you've never had Vietnemese food go out a get some, immediately--light and fresh and wonderful. The Poppa and Goose is a good place for first timers. It is nearly empty every night I walk home, so I'm sure a beginner could get some special attention and tastings. It's across from the Cambridgeside Galleria and a good alternative to the food court there.

    Anyone know of any other good Vietnemese joints downtown?