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Jan 1, 2000 04:47 PM

Salad ?

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Any recommendations for good salad bars in Boston (T accessible)? My wife and I often enjoy the company of two 4 year old twins born of a Cape Verdean couple who live in Central Square, Cambridge. The Central Square McDonalds is much beloved by the girls --mostly because of the indoor play area with its slide and "pool" of foam balls. Good cold weather fun. The Micky D French fries are OK --and the chicken tenders --for them. They like the McDonald's sauces --three or four varieties. My wife and I pick up a salad at the Harvest Coop Market ($3.25 per pound) down the street and bring it to McDonalds -- grazing the greens while the kids play.
Who else has good salads out there in Beantown ?

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    Seth Ditchik

    When I get a salad craving in Cambridge I usually head for an Au Bon Pain. Lord knows it's not gourmet--or particularly chowhound-y--but they do a pretty good job of salads (or better yet, Chix Caesar Wrap) pretty cheaply, and you can't swing a dead cat in the Boston area without hitting one.

    I saw a news program a couple of years back on sanitary conditions and salad bars which swore me off them for life.

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      For a very good salad bar that is mainly takeout try Bread & Circus on Washington St. in Newton between Newton Corner and Newtonville just off the Mass Pike. This is a very large store and has much more variety than its smaller counterparts.In addition to salad bar, there is an enormous takeout department. There are tables at the front of the store if you wqant to eat it there and a pretty decent espresso bar too. It isn't exactly over the top in ambiance but does the job.In good weather, you might like to take the girls and the salad to the Newton Centre playgound on Centre St. You can always get them J.P. Licks ice cream for dessert. While you are at Bread and Circus check out Marty's next door. They have a large, wonderful, and reasonably priced gourmet section.

      1. re: Heidi Vernon

        Heidi --- Thanks. I used to go to that Bread and Circus when I had a car --the vet I used is close by. I agree that is a good version. There is one --a smaller version --near Centeral Square in Cambridge.

        I was wondering if there are any good restaurant salad bars in Boston or Cambridge. One would hope so --but no-one has made any recommendations. With all of the office folk out looking for lunch in Boston there has to be salad bars for the grazing animals.

        Thank you for looking back on the list and trying to help. I wish I could get the twins into salads --but they are gone on those chicken tenders and French fries. I think McDonalds soaks their French fries in sugar solution :-)

        1. re: Tord Svenson

          A second vote for Bread and Circus Salad bar-- but take the T to Porter Square and go to the one on Alewife Brook Pkwy. The store is enormous (as is the salad bar), and their stuff is incredibly fresh and not wilty. Even the prepared salads are fresh tasting-- not mayo-laden and fatal looking. And there are even comfy booths to sit in while you eat and drink your smoothie.

          1. re: Smee

            Smee -- Thanks for the tip about salads near Porter Square (Bread and Circus). Once it gets warmer (its zero tonight in Boston) my wife and I will begin exploring the Porter Square area. We are located on the Red Line (Savin Hill) and it is an easy shot all the way out to Alewife.

            Do you or does anyone else know of good places to eat around Porter Square? We have done some chowhounding around Davis Square -- I note that the Somerville Theater in Davis Square deservedly got the Best Cheap Movie Theater award in the Globe on Thursday. Chowing down and seeing a good movie for $3 (with my senior discount) is doubling your pleasure. Davis Square has several worthy chowhound places --but it would be fun to hear other opinions --and some tips about Porter Square.

            1. re: Tord Svenson


              Apologies-- I don't know what I was thinking. The T-stop you want for the B&C IS Alewife, NOT Porter.

              That said, there are a number of interesting looking places in and around Porter-- more when my research is done.