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Dec 3, 1999 09:10 AM

Authentic Thai in Boston?

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Can anyone recommend an authentic thai restaurant in Boston or the Boston area? I live near the much-lauded Brown Sugar, but their food, while pretty good, seems aimed at the local college/young professional crowd that live in the area (gotta make a living, huh?) Where do Thai folks in Boston go for a taste of the old country?

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  1. Try the "King and I" on Charles St. near the Charles T stop. Small -- nice ambience -- good service and good food. The lunches are fairly inexpensive and go until 4 PM. My wife and I have eaten at many Boston Thai places and this is better than most. Of course, new places are opening --so I hope we hear about even better ones. I have seen Thai nationals eating at the "King and I" --but how authentic it is I have no idea. I'll ask them next time I eat there.
    Merry Christmas