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Nov 24, 1999 10:40 PM

Elephant Walk and Very Little Else

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Just came back from a long weekend in Boston. Was there for a bridge tournament, and exigencies sharply curtailed Chowhound explorations. I can come to one fundamental conclusion: whenever possible, get out of Copley Place.

I did get to Elephant Walk and liked it for the most part. There was a tendency in many dishes to over-sweetness, especially in the Mee Siem, but also in many of the sauces. On the other hand, all salads were beautifully seasoned (love those green herbs) and stews were nice, too.

My single favorite dish was a spectacular pear tart.

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  1. Did you have the Somlah Machou soup? That has to be one of the most amazing soups I've ever had. It was a spicy shrimp soup with entire quarters of plum tomatoes floating in it -- still retaining their shape, but hot, with their flavor complemented, almost overwhelmed (but in a good way) with an incredibly garlicky base. It was a spicy, warm, perfectly garlicky experience, enveloping.

    I remember (haven't been there in about 3 years) that the Loc Lac was also excellent, as was the Amok, but the Somlah Machou is what lives on in my head.


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      I had the beef salad as an appetizer because I was having a stew as an entree. I don't think anyone had soup at our table, probably because it was close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Boston.