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Nov 13, 1999 07:41 PM

Good Food & Good Beer

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I just relocated from Austin,Texas and am looking for a laid-back place with good food and good beer (no frat crowds or Euro-trend please!)
I would truly appreciate any suggestions!
Thanks so much.

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  1. Three suggestions:

    Boston Beer Works, on Brookline Ave. & Yawkey Way, across the street from Fenway Park. Despite its location, it is relatively free of frat types; just a laid-back atmosphere with their own micro-brewed beer on tap and pretty good food. Try the Thai Calimari salad.

    Doyle's, in Jamaica Plain, is a typical Irish bar with great food; they have a pretty big menu of pizza, burgers, and the like, and lots of beer on tap; try the sweet potato fries. This is the sort of bar that you'll see families eating at.

    Linwood Bar & Grill is a bit more upscale, but they have great BBQ (the best I've had in Boston so far; granted, that's not saying much...), friendly staff, and a really nice dining area. I think that there's music occasionally in the "bar" area (separate from the "grill" area), but I'm not sure.

    You can find the addresses for these places at