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Nov 10, 1999 06:46 PM

Thanksgiving Day dinner

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My wife and I will be spending a week in Boston which will include Thanksgiving Day. We are from Long Island, New York and will be staying at the Marriott in Copely Square. We would like to go to a "New England traditional dinner" on Thanksgiving Day. Can anyone recommend a restaurant within about and hour's drive. I tried Plimouth Plantation but they were booked. Please advise.


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  1. Try the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. 978 443-1776

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    1. re: Paul Desorcy

      The Wayside Inn is a wonderful, historic place to visit, but it would be a terrible mistake to eat a special meal there. I speak from sad experience. I had Sunday lunch there about three weeks ago. It was inedible. The fish was burned black on the bottom. The vegetables were mushy and overcooked. The salad was iceberg lettuce. The waitress had no idea how to uncork a (mediocre, overpriced) bottle of wine.

      Unless you consider all of the above "New England cooking", Henrietta's is a much better choice.

      1. re: wwwench

        The quality of the food at Wayside has improved greatly over the past two years. I certainly would not consider it a culinary jewel, but you posting does not paint a true picture. Sorry you had such a horrendous experience. I can assure you it is not typical.


        1. re: Paul Desorcy

          That was very well expressed.

          You know, the single biggest problem we have with these boards is that people feel stung when their opinions are contradicted, yet onlookers have an obligation to all of us to say so when a restaurant is, in their opinion, inappropriately praised or criticized (especially praise...although we work REALLY hard to identify and remove shill messages from restaurateur's brothers-in-law, etc, we can't tag them we need people to chime in and counterbalance).

          So when someone does offer a contradictory opinion (even as politely phrased as yours), it makes the original poster feel stung...and makes onlookers (we have about a 1000 to 1 ratio of "lurkers" to posters) feel even more intimidated about posting.

          We've been around for three years and we're still grappling with this issue; there may be no solution, Idunno...

          If anyone has any thoughts, please either email me or start a thread on the "Site Talk" board (link below)



          1. re: Paul Desorcy

            Just another opinion on Wayside Inn in Sudbury. I'm in Marlboro every week, roughly Monday thru part of Thursday, and eat dinner at the Wayside once every month or so. I wouldn't order the fish (dry), but their prime rib is outstanding, as is their lobster casserole. A friend recommends the duck, "requested crispy with the sauce on the side". Their dinners include choice of appetizer, soup or salsd, crudites & cheese spread, and a selection of vegetables. Used to include dessert as well but I think they are now extra. You can usually get a table without a reservation before 6pm, but good luck after that. I like the ambiance in the front (small room), and the Inn as a whole. They also have a few rooms to let (overnight with breakfast) upstairs.
            I'm posting a separate thread looking for western suburbs suggestions.

      2. For paleontological New England food, you can go to Durgin Park. They serve traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

        For well-prepared serious food, I've had really good luck with Henrietta's in the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. I haven't been there in about a year and a half, so this may be out-of-date info. If so, somebody holler. They had really nice homemade breads (I couldn't stop eating a yeasted, chewy cranberry nut bread, served warm, along with two others, including a sourdough whole-wheat and a caraway-rye), a semi-traditional American menu, an open kitchen with woodburning ovens (!), and a superfluous produce/local food market in the entryway. I wish I could remember more details about the food, but it's been a while. I had to spend T-giving in Boston a couple of years ago, and they were definitely my first choice (booked, unfortunately).

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          Gene Opinante

          I want to thank you all who responded to my request for help. As a result of the most early responses I made a reservation a Henrietta's in Cambridge however, I thought that I would try once more at Plimouth Plantation and was able to obtain a resevation as a result of a cancellation. I therefore canceled at Henrietta's

          We checked out of the Marriott Copely and checked into a B&B in Plymouth called the Thornton Adams House which was very nice. The rest of that wet and rainy day was a disappointment. We saw the Mayflower II and Plymouth Rock and walked the Plantion. The meal which was advertisd as a traditional New England Thanksgiving Day dinner was acceptable though average. It was a buffet and quite fast and crowded. I had expected something a little more elegant and graceful.