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Oct 19, 1999 03:20 PM

Sorry state of Boston chowhounds

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Hello? (ow?...ow...ow...)
Is there anybody here? (ere?...ere...ere...)

What happened to all the Boston chowhounds? There's been almost *no* activity here since the Boston site was set up? Is Boston that devoid of people seeking out the crannies of cusine beyond the narrow confines of Zagats? I have a hard time believing that such a internet-crazed city a)doesn't know about this site, and b)is reticent to post here. From my limited experience there's a good deal of good food in the Boston metro area. Come on people!

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  1. Seth--we've not even BEGUN to market ourselves outside the NYC area. That will change soon. Brace yourself.

    Meahwhile, everybody please tell your out-of-NY friends to come talk chow on our new regional boards. There's LOTS of archived discussion already on each board to respond to. Use our Refer A Chowhound Friend service at the link below


    1. Okay, here's a low end gem from my college days, but it is without doubt the best Italian Sandwich store I have ever been to (and I grew up in Philly). The place is called Bob's Food Store, in Somerville. It is just off campus from Tufts but I cannot tell you exactly how to get there. Come to think of it, you could say the same for almost every decent place in Boston.

      But I can tell you this: go to Bob's as soon as possible. It's a deli with grill in back. Bob himself is often there, and he is a classic Boston storefront guy. His Chicken Pahm is simply amazing -- perfect blend of sauce and provie, and the chicken is white and dry. The jumbo steak and cheese actually breathes when you squeeze the sesame seed bun, and he melts the cheeze into the meat while it is still on the grill.

      Need more? I usually cant stand Italian coldcuts, but even this is a great sandwich at Bob's. And the marinated steak tips sub is legendary -- although the last one I had was a littlen on the chewy side. It takes a few minutes to get your food, so have them Nuke a piece of deep dish pizza while you wait.

      My friends and I always wonder why there is not a comparable sandwich store in New York. We even drive up there a few times each year, 4 hours each way, to get a sandwich from Bob's. Of all the places I discovered while living in Boston -- Kelly's in Revere, Nick's Beef and Beer near Harvard, Big Freddy's Roast Beef in Salem, and the "Cold Tea" at Moon Villa -- this place is TRULY worth it. Just don't tell them you go to Tufts. You'll see why!

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        If you're looking for a good sandwich place in New York (this should probably go on the "Outer Boroughs" listing), try Leo's Latticini in Corona. They make the best homemade mozzerella in New York, and put it on huge subs. The choice is small: Mama's Special, Hot Italian, and Turkey, but the mozzerella is amazing, the meats are delicious, and Corona Ice King is nearby. There are photos on the wall of celebs who've dropped by; Rudy Guiliani, Al Roker, and Linda Evangelista (go figure) among others. Definitely worth the trip, although it sounds a bit different than Bob's.

        1. re: Seth Ditchik

          thank you for the suggestion. I have been to this place, and to The Pork Store right across the street. It is a terrific little corner, but not as good as Bob's!

          1. re: matt

            Bob's is in Medford, not Somerville. I live 2 blocks away.

      2. m
        Marcus Aurelius

        Bostonians are too busy coding and persuing academic
        achievement to bother with this stuff. We are too
        insanely competative to take the time. Just like
        New Yorkers. Actually, New Yorkers are just the same
        except they are friendlier and have a better sense of community. I'd like to recommend Sepal in Watertown
        for felafel. And China Cafe on Broadway for REAL
        ma-po dofu. Give me Picante in Central Square for Mexican but avoid the Davis Square Picante at all cost.
        The food is always cold. More later.