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Jul 20, 1999 01:54 AM

french pastry in boston?

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hi all,
can anyone recommend a good place for *french* pastry
here in boston? ever since coming back from london i've
been having a serious craving for millefeuille (sp?)
layered with whipped cream and fruit... yummmmy. i know
there are good italian pastry shops in the north end,
but would they have what i'm looking for?

thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Well, this is one of those responses that may evoke a
    sarcastic "thanks a LOT", but there is a tiny bakery
    in Brookline that makes wonderful French pastries and
    for the life of me, I cannot remember their name! It
    is near Virginia's, so you may want to call them and
    ask them the name of the bakery next door. I
    distinctly remember how wonderfully fresh everything
    was and quite authentic and having spent some time in
    Paris I like to fancy myself a pastry snob ;-).

    If that is too much trouble, I vote, as I see many
    have here, for Modern Pastry in the North End. if
    they don't have mille feuille, try Maria's Pastry; I
    think I remember their making some french items in
    addition to the traditional italian stuff. At all
    costs avoid Mike's pastry - premade, frozen and just
    plain yucky (is that in the Gastronomer's Thesaurus?)

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    1. re: Brenda

      thanks, brenda, for the suggestions! i 'm going to try
      and find this unnamed place in brookline... my craving
      is that strong.

      1. re: a. rao

        Is it Paris Bakery on, I think, Cypress St. in
        Brookline? Their mini-eclairs- tho' not made w true
        pastry cream- are ok.
        Good luck!

        1. re: m
          sandra fairbank

          There is a bakery in Duxbury called French Memories.
          They are opening a bakery in the old Rebecca's bakery on Charles Street. Also try Burdick's chocolates
          in Harvard Sqaure. Pastry chef is Austrian but rather