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Jul 8, 1999 12:16 PM

Boston Dining Guide?

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Can anyone recommend a dining guide to Boston, a la
Jim Leff's Eclectic Guide? I'm looking for something
that can steer me towards good restaurants that Fodors
or the Rough Guide might pass over.

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  1. s
    stephen kaye

    try its kinda like a village voice weekly. a litlle generic

    1. there's a website with a searchable
      rest. database, including reader/diner input,
      providing quite a lot of potentially useful info
      similar to that you can get from these message boards,
      but no alpha hound keeping the site honest that I can

      1. Here is the URL for the Globe newspaper's dining reviews. This one has a review of Dim Sum at the Chau Chau City -- a challenger to the best in Chinatown.

        Read the review and see what you think.

        If you go into the Globe dining archives you can find a lot of "cheap eats" places with fine food. However -- time changes things and some places are not what they used to be. Some have sliped away -- like the wonderful little authentic Singapore place that was in the South End. Call before you make plans.