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Jun 21, 1999 09:56 AM

Cambridge Pizza

  • j

A friend of mine has very very ood things to say about
the pizza at Pinnochio's in Harvard Square. Before I
go out of my way to grab a slice, I was wondering if
anyone else has anything to say about it...

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  1. where exactly in harvard square is it?

    1. i
      Ivan and Sarah

      Pinnochio's is really only for desperate late-night
      drunken slice-getting. Not good. It's just off JFK
      Street, next to Berk's shoes, opposite the Galeria

      Probably the best current pizza in Cambridge is at
      Emma's on Huron Ave (right past Formaggio's). Emma was
      an Armenian who grew up in Venice. She was really
      grouchy and used to lick her thumb and pop the hot
      crust-bubbles while the pizza cooked. I was reared
      on the stuff. She's retired, though, and the new
      Emma's is gourmet/fancy with ingredients like goat
      cheese, caramelized onions, etc. and is excellent. You
      have to take the pizza to go.

      1. you neglected to add the bizarre tension that existed between Emma and her (seemingly, anyway) beleagured husband, who used to stand in the window, rolling dough, gazing out into the street from behind a periodic cloud of flour, looking wistful. if i'm not mistaken Emma is still the landlord for the building....

        1. c
          Chris Salthouse

          What about Tommy's? They are my Harvard Sq. favorite for a good pizza. They don't make the gourmet pizzas that are becoming popular at so many places, but they make concistently good pizzas.