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Apr 15, 1999 03:01 PM

boston/north end

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some friends of mine ate at Terramia 98 Salem st. north end/boston mass. they had one of those meals that have changed their lives?? anybody else been there?? thx

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    1. I agree that Terramia will change your life, I think it's the best restaurant in my neighborhood, hands down. Its less expensive sibling, Antico Forno, is great too, and I can afford it more often.
      Other great place: Boulevard Ocean View in Gloucester. It's a cheesy looking Portuguese/Fried fish joint, but their Seafood Sao Style makes me swoon.

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        Wonderful, homey joints in N End for lunch way under $5.00 :
        Sal's Luncheonette on Thacher St. and Cozy Corner near N. Bennet @ Salem