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Mar 12, 1999 07:33 PM


  • j

My clients have requested dinner @ Clio in the Eliot
Anyone been - What's up ?

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  1. jk, its in the eliot house hotel, on mass ave and comm ave. we stayed and ate there about 9 months ago. in general food is ok/good, vibe in the room is very mellow. small restaurant, very civilized. a bit touristy. it won't be exciting, but it is good. do you have any other dinner plans there?? what about lunches? try and hit pomodoro in the north end in my previous post. enjoy

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      when in Boston try the SICMA's hot dog stand in Dorchester, you will not be dissapointed, old, seedy, bad part of townn, near the Franklin zoo.

      1. re: bob

        I went to Clio last month. Splurged on the 9 course
        $100 prix fixe menu. Every course (except for maybe
        one) was fabulous, very original. (kind of like Union
        Pacific in NY) Esp loved the 2 dessert courses.

        I highly recommend it. Wonderful atmosphere too. Sorry
        I can't remember any particular dishes except for part
        of the first course--a tomato water martini. mnnn, fun!