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Mar 5, 1999 09:11 PM

Boston St. Paddy's

  • j

I'll be in Beantown on 3/17.
My clients are in the Pru Bldg.
Last time we ate at Abe & Louie's.
Give me something fairly close and good!!!
Regards, JK

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  1. s
    stephen kaye

    hey john very close by are hammersley's, la bettola, mistral, all good on the higher/chic end. one of my faces in boston is pomodoro 319 hanover st north end(little Italy), for great hearty italian. after dinner walk about 75 feet to modern pastry-best cannoli's in usa imho. pomodoro 617 367 4348, we eat there about 4-5 times a year. its very close to prud. ctr-5-8 min. app

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