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Feb 7, 1999 02:54 PM

Boston haute and not so

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Where to eat in Boston, if one's tastes run from real
Chinese food to Taillevent? Is there anywhere one
absolutely shouldn't miss?

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    stephen kaye

    I like pomodoro 319 hanover st/north end boston. blue ginger wellesley east meets west fusion. mistral on columbus ave , evoo in cambridge, 9park,

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      if it's still there (and since it's a
      long-standing institution, I
      assume it is) The Daily Catch, aka
      Calamari Cafe, on Hanover in the
      North End...elemental pasta and
      fresh, fresh seafood, everything
      cooked in olive oil and garlic and
      served in the saute pan...mmmm

    2. There's the East Coast Grill in Cambridge, in Inman Square, a local favorite for grilled fish and all things spice-rubbed. Next door is Jake and Earl's, owned by the same people, which has swell take-out barbecue. Speaking of barbecue, there's a second good 'cue spot in the Boston area -- Redbones in Somerville (Davis Square).

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        Tom Goldstone

        Try Figs if you're anywhere near Beacon Hill...owned by
        the famed Todd English who is also at the helm at
        Olives (a little more upscale as far as i can tell)...
        WONDERFUL pizzas with incredibly inventive
        toppings...great pasta...good wine list (even the house
        wine is very drinkable)...
        Everything down to the bread i've found to be very
        Service might leave a little to be desired, however...

        1. The Middle East in Cambridge for my all time favorite
          falafel and hummus. Yummy garlicky salad too. Large
          beer selection, rock and roll hipster destination
          (live music in downstairs club).

          1. I can't recommend Biba's highly enough. I must
            say, though that I have been there for Sunday brunch
            and weekday lunch - never dinner. Although it's not
            a bargain, I have always found it to be a great value -
            the food is always top quality, imaginatively prepared
            (mushroom risotto strewn with a few jewels of
            pomegranite), seasonal, beautifully presented.
            Deserts are always magnificient. Waitstaff is helpful,
            friendly, not intrusive. The afternoon light coming in
            from Boston Common across the street is dreamy. If you
            have a chance to splurge - don't miss Biba's.

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            1. re: Barb H.

              And I like Lydia's other restaurant Pignoli a lot too.

              1. re: Gary Cheong

                Just got back,
                Biba's food is very good, however we had lousy
                attutude-y service. It seems that one should truly
                never eat out on a Saturday night, especially at a hot
                restaurant. It was also unbelievably noisy.
                Had a good dinner at Hamrsley''s Bistro as well.
                Thanks to all who answered-