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Sep 10, 1997 03:03 PM

good food in Boston?

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I just moved in to Boston (from NY). As I sad in the
wrong site (manhattan) I'm looking for good places to
eat and drink.
Does anyone have a good tip?

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    Felix Khalatnikov

    If you're still checking this site, e-mail me and I'll
    fill you in on good eating places.

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    1. re: Felix Khalatnikov

      Hey, Felix, thanks for posting great messages, but as for "If you're still checking this site, e-mail me and I'll fill you in on good eating places"

      If you send tips via email, it helps one person eat well; if you post them here, chowhounds all over the country can file your tips and eat better when in Beantown.

      Please, rather than email, leave your suggestions here in the light of day where they can do more people more good!


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Good Eats Boston Area (nothing fancy, just good):

        Rosie's Bakery (Cambridge)
        Porter Square Exchange/Asian food stalls and shopping
        Brookline Lunch (Cambridge)
        Deluxe (Boston)
        Middle East (Cambridge)
        Forrest Cafe (Mexican/Cambridge)
        Green St. Grill (Cambridge)

        1. re: Misha

          It had been a pet peeve of mine when someone brings up an old string. Here is the oldest post on the Boston board. I am not sure about Brookline Lunch, but I believe that all of the other restaurants are still around. Not bad for a post started over 9 years ago. I did not realize that the Chowhound went back that far. It is nice to see a reply from our exalted founder in the string, too.

          1. re: Wineack

            So I don't get it - it looks like you brought this back to life, and yet it's your pet peeve that people do so. Why did you bring this back to life?

    2. I think Wineack was just pointing out, for a lark, how well the oldest post held up? BTW, Brookline Lunch is still there...