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Jun 19, 2006 01:13 PM

LA Hound traveling to Albemarle NC area, recs?

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I'm a Los Angeles hound traveling to the Albemarle, NC area for business this week. I'll be in Albemarle for one night and in Charlotte for one night (close to the airport). Looking for recs for both places. Anything goes, except for really spicy food. Thanks for the advice!

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  1. I'll be interested in seeing what other write. I usually end up going to Pontiac which is in downtown Albemarle in a restored building. Seems like most of the rest of what I've seen is chains. You'll do much better in Charlotte.

    1. Near the airport in Charlotte is an well known steak house that is worth going to for just their Rouqfort (NOT blue or blu cheese but Rouqfort) dressing on their salad and their shrimp cocktail w/ the FRESH horshradish sauce. Ranch House, been eating there for forty years and I'm only fifty. No more than a mile from the a/p.
      If you are in Albemarle, got to try either Log Cabin BBQ or Wispering Pines BBQ. I prefer Log Cabin but neither is spicey unless you add the hot sauce. Both are on 150 or 152 whatever runs through town.

      1. This is old posting but I thought I would add some suggestions for anyone coming to Albemarle since I have just joined Chowhounds.

        Outside the usual chain restaurant offenders, Albemarle has several good places to eat. No 4 or even 3 star places of course, not unless you consider North Carolina BBQ in that category.

        First off I consider The Boardroom and Pontiac Point restaurants just one step above Applebees and I don't go there except for lunch meetings with some of my clients who like the place. J.D. Shuckers on N 1st Street downtown has standard sports bar fare, not very well executed at that.

        The Yakin Valley Steakhouse (Dinner only) on NC 740, is a good steakhouse with a extensive Wine list. Their days of operation are strange, so check ahead. Reservations are recommended as they get quite busy. Just behind Yakin Valley on Hico Street is the Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, standard North of the border Mexican food, but of great quality and great service. The owners are 7th Day Adventists, so no alcohol and the place is closed on Saturday.

        Ly Cuisine on N. 2nd Street is another place that has outstanding service and good quality food. They serve Thai cuisine. Not having much experience in Thai food, I can't comment on how traditional the menu is, but I like the food. The spices are turned down for the local crowd, but they will add the heat if you ask. The Chinese Restaurants in town are uniformly terrible.

        The Rosebrier on US 52 N only serves lunch. Standard sandwiches and soups, but the scratch made pies are to die for. I recommend the coconut cream pie and to order your pie with your meal. If you wait to order it after the meal, it may be sold out as this place is packed for lunch and everyone orders dessert.

        Whispering Pines and the Log Cabin BBQ restaurants are every bit as good as people have written about and are well worth the road trip. They are 4 star Q places in my opinion. Both are on US 52 on the North end of town.

        If you want to see what North Carolina Fishcamp food is like, go to Pat and Micks on NC 740 just outside of New London, five miles or so North of Albemarle. If you like deep fried seafood, you will be in heaven. The two Bluebay Seafood restaurants in town serve plenty of deep fried seafood, but they are missing that fishcamp atmosphere. If you are into fresh quality seafood or clean arteries avoid these places at all cost.

        Many of these places are closed on Mondays, so keep that in mind. Hope this helps everyone to chow well when they come to town.

        1. Being the spelling police for a moment, please note that would be Yadkin rather than Yakin. Though having grown up near the Yadkin Valley area, it can sound like we're pronouncing it "Yakin."