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Jun 18, 2006 11:08 PM

New to Mobile Alabama, Where's The Good Stuff?

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Just moved to Mobile Alabama from Milwaukee Wisconsin. The first night we moved to Mobile Alabama I had to eat at the Olive Garden on Airport. I want to avoid that place. It wasn't bad, it's just the Olive Garden. I straight up love good food, especially regional places with character. Here are some of my fave places I've already eaten at in Mobile: Dreamland BBQ, Pillars, Wentzell's Oysters House.
On my list to visit is the Brick Pit, Original Oyster Bar, Cafe 615, Dew Drop Inn.
I'm curious to know what other magical and delicious places there are to check out in the Mobile AL area.

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    Ransom's eyepatch

    Mobile has some drop down soul food and outstanding jerk chicken take out. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it's not on the Mobile tourist maps. The stretch of 90 in Thodore has several fine meat and three places, just keep your eyes open. There are several bizarre Vietnamese fried fish places on Old Shell toward town that are worth visiting. You pay: $6. You get: huge styrofoam box of okay fried stuff. Ocean Springs used to have excellent soul food, two odd Vietnamese fryaterias, and okay coffee. However, I haven't visited since the storm. All of middle class black Mobile--though not all of middle class segregated white neighborhoods--have fine, reasonable, diner-type meat and threes. Have you been to Southern Fish and Oyster? It depends, I guess, on how you feel about eating fish out of the bay--me, I'm quesy about it--but SFO can be transcendental, depends on the catch and the weather and parking.

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      Saucey Q and Brickpit,should be better experiences than Dreamland.


    2. I always enjoy Nan-Seas on the west side of the bay. I'm also a big fan of the pulled pork at the Brick Pit.

      1. Guido's in Oakleigh. Bakery Cafe. La Pizzeria. John & Linda's Diner. Tiny Diny. Zitso's. Yen Restaurant. NoJa. Quatorze. Queen G's. Osman's. Mediterranean Cafe. I have had recent strong positive experiences with these mom & pop eating stores. Welcome to Mobile.

        1. In addition to those named elsewhere, most of which are definite must-dos, I'd say:

          Busaba's Thai Cuisine (downtown on Dauphin)
          Butch Cassidy's (near Florida and Old Shell
          Heroes Sports Bar (downtown on Dauphin)
          La Pizzeria (by Leinkauf school)
          219 (lunch only, at Conti and Joachim)
          Yen (Vietnamese on Holcombe Avenue)
          Felix's Fish Camp (on the Causeway)
          Via Emilia (across from USA on Old Shell)
          Jericho Cafe (down the block from Via Emilia)
          Zea (OK, it's a link in a small chain)
          Banana Docks Cafe (at Old Shell and Hillcrest)
          Big Time Diner (on Cottage Hill near University)
          Hennessy's (Old Shell and I-65)
          Manci's Antique Club in Daphne
          Whatever they're calling Pelican Point south of Fairhope these days, mainly for the view.

          NoJa downtown is probably worth a shot, but I can't speak from experience.

          The Bakery Cafe was once much better, but if you've never been, you might not notice how stale it's gotten

          1. I've been to the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores and it was great. Had the pan seared grouper with creamy tazo sauce or something to that effect. Outstanding.

            My inlaws are in Huntsville and my wife and I are totally sold on Dreamland.