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Jun 18, 2006 10:18 PM

Linguisa (or Linguica...) - Where to buy in Atlanta area???

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Dear Southern Hounds,
We have dear friends who live in Marietta GA who just spent a week in Maui and discovered the delights of Linguisa (Portuguese sausage).

They'd love to be able to buy some in their area... Can someone out there give me the name of a retailer in their area who might have them?

Just a note on Linguisa in Maui: there are a couple of local products that are so good that we know folks who buy 20 lbs., freeze it and bring it home in coolers (we're on the West coast so it's not that difficult).


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  1. don't know about the north side of town, but publix in conyers carries both linguica and chourico...gaspar's brand, and I think i've think i've seen some linguica at BJ's club before.

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      The Dekalb farmer's market - you can find anything there.

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        Thanks for the suggestions - I'll pass them along to our friends in Marietta!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Buford Farmer's Market also has them in their frozen food aisle

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          1. I can confirm that the Roswell Provision Co had it at their deli counter yesterday. Along with a bunch of stuff from Patak. Not my usual scene but it was great to get some cheese, landjager, bread and a couple beers and sit outside after visiting one of the Chattahoochee recreation areas.

            So, slightly more-recent data. ;-)

          2. As wabbitslayer mentioned, all of the Publix stores in the Marietta area carry Gaspar's brand.

            There are also many Brazilian butcher shops (and restaurants) in the Delk Road / Power's Ferry area of Marietta, as well as Brazilian grocery stores.