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Jun 16, 2006 08:49 PM

Savannah's "The Lady and Sons" restaurant

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this is Paula Dean's place (from the food channel). her web site says people line up and they take names at 3:30 for first sitting at 5:00 pm. is it worth the wait? what's the crowd like Sunday night? if this place is too long a wait where can a Yankee find some authentic Savannah food?

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  1. Haven't been there, but if you do a search for "lady and sons" you will find lots of posts regarding this restaurant! Good luck!

    1. Not that good anymore. Do a search for other ideas.

      1. Alas, quality has declined with recent popularity... Try Mrs. Wilkes instead.

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          sounds great. looked them up on the internet but they are not open on Sundays. we are in Savannah Sunday night. can you make another recommendation? local food is our preference. thanks

        2. we are headed to savannah within the next few weeks. can the Lady and Son's be that bad? i'm seeing more than a few negative reviews.

          1. It's not terrible, but the planning involved and waiting for hours on end is certainly not worth it.

            Try the Olde Pink House. It's a nice place, but I'm not sure about Sunday's.

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              I agree that Lady & Sons is not worth the wait. I think it used to be good in the day. We were in Savannah recently and had a fabulous dinner at Bistro Savannah. I highly recommended it to friends who were just there a few weeks ago and they loved it, too.