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Jun 10, 2006 07:35 AM

I-64 eats?

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I will be driving next week along Interstate 64 from Charlottesville, VA. through to Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Are there any must-go places to eat along the way, especially in West Virginia and Kentucky? BBQ is especially welcome, but all cuisines are fine bye me.

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  1. TAMARAC... On I-64 at Beckley WV
    is a "MUST STOP" for an excellent casual restaurant
    for travelers. The staff is trained and supplied
    from the multi-star resort The Greenbrier in WV.
    The menu selections are absolutely delicious, healthy,
    and reasonably priced for the quality of the meal.
    Also this is a fascinating center for top-of-the-line
    WV crafts.....(and for travelers...there are immaculately
    clean bathrooms). We never fail to stop here on our
    trips on I-64.

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      A big AMEN to Tmararac. The food is terrific, best coconut cream pie I have ever tasted. The Greenbrier is renowned world wide for the quality of it food and it is a real treat to enjoy it at such a reasonable price.

      I agree.. A MUST STOP.

    2. KY has a fantastic restaurant RIGHT off 64. you'd think you'd died and gone to NYC and are still paying KY prices. all the food is sophisticated, local, and fresh. Nothing in Lexington (after TAMARAC you'll be hungry by this time) compares to it, and the other places are way off the highway. report back on the drive, if you remember!