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Jun 8, 2006 10:34 AM

BBQ in Tennessee off of I-75

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I'll be passing through Tenn next week and was hoping to get pointed to some good BBQ just off I-75. Thanks!

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  1. Log Cabin in Loudon TN is pretty good but I recommend the turkey and dressing special (Wednesday?) or the country ham over the bbq. The bbq pit out back hasn't been used in years.

    Montery mushrooms is on the opposite side of the interstate at the Loudon exit and is THE deal. Two pound bags for two bucks and many other ones available during normal business hours. Just drive up to the guard shack and ask for a bag. I ride towards Chattanooga munching on them like popcorn.

    Another place just a bit south at the Sweetwater exit is really good for Q. Exit and head towards hwy 11. maybe a mile and half on the left is a butler building w/ picnic tables in front. If you get to a stop light your have passed it.

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      Forgot to mention the Lodge cast iron cookware outlet in South Pittsburg, TN if you get that far south and west. Highly recommended as a stop...maybe five minutes off the interstate.

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        And eat at the Dixie Freeze in town. Good meat and 3 with fantastic pies.


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        The barbecue spot mentioned is Camp's Pit Bar-B-Q on TN Hwy 68. Pretty good stuff.

        1. re: Jim

          Camp's sounds like it might work out. What is best there?

          How about Jordon's? That seems to be in the same area (Cleveland). It looks to only be a mile to two off the freeway, but it's hard to tell.

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            Never had bbq in Cleveland but NOTHING in Cleveland is more than two miles from 75. The lunch buffet at the Holiday Inn on top of the hill at the second Cleveland exit as you are headed south is really very good.

            The Monterey Mushroom plant is my best rec for the area. Two minutes off 75 and wonderful stuff...if you like shroms.