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Jun 3, 2006 06:22 PM

Columbia, SC

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Need restaurant suggestions for dinner on Sunday near the University of South Carolina. Thanks

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  1. Garibaldi's on Green St. is good. If you're on campus you can walk; otherwise they offer valet parking.

    2013 Green St.

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      Many uptown places are not open on Sunday, but most anything in the Vista (toward the river from campus) should be open. The Blue Marlin, The Liberty Taproom, Nonnah's...

      1. re: Ellen of SC

        And if Sunday dinner means a lunchtime meal (I always think of dinner as the evening meal but not everyone does), then Motor Supply in the Vista would be a great choice. Reservations are suggested.

    2. Mr. Friendly's is also very good. If you do mean dinner as lunch, as a previous post suggested, I agree with Motor Supply.

      1. There is always California Dreaming on Main St. just south of Blossom. Decent food and a nice location in an old Railway station.

        1. Try Yesterday's near Five Points. The Chicken Fried Steak is awesome! Mac's on Main is also a really good place. Their fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and banana pudding is hard to beat, plus Chef Fatback plays a mean blues guitar.

          1. Be careful with restaurants in the Vista. I made the mistake of trying to find somewhere to eat on a Sunday when I first moved to C a few years ago. Many places are closed here even in the Vista. However, Motor Supply Co. Bistro, (on Gervais St.) typically has a slightly amped up menu on Sunday nights, (and their menus, which change daily are almost always fantastic anyway) and as long as your willing to spend between $17-$22 on entrees its a great choice, particularly if you're looking for good food near the University. They used to not accept reservations, except for large parties, but someone recently told me that they have started taking reservations. Also, you can see the daily menus on their website,, but they don't usually post dinner menus until around 5:30.