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May 31, 2006 04:29 PM

athens (GA) dinner spot

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We'll be in Athens for a nite later this month and looking for a nice dinner out - pls no "Q" or chains...

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  1. As in my post earlier, try the Five and Ten. Some don't think it's up to NYC standards but I grew up there and think it's great.

    1. Five and Ten is excellent. Farm 255 is supposed to be good, but I haven't been yet. Maybe this weekend, if I'm lucky.

      1. In addition to Five and Ten (1653 S. Lumpkin St in Five Points) which is an excellent choice. I really like Bischero at 237 Prince Ave. in the Bottleworks (an old Coca-Cola Distributing Plant). Its a great Italian place. You can sit outside (the gardenias are blooming right now)...

        I'm not a big fan of Farm... I like the 'idea' (use only local produce) but I've never really had a great meal there...

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          I agree on Farm... great idea without the culinary prowess to quite pull it off. I've found the food incredibly bland, but the space is beautiful and mojitos are made from scratch... what irks me is how obnoxious their outdoor music gets, saturating all of the west end of downtown. Those folks down on the patio at the Caledonia really get pummeled.

        2. Five and Ten is the best in town in my opinion. Last Resort Grill is a little lesss expensive but always pretty solid. East West Bistro (upstairs) downtown has impeccable seafood.


          1. 5 and 10 has the only real 'chef' in town. the rest, as in Last Resort, are students and people still trying to find themselves. still, now that the 'chef' has become more wide spread, some of the food can be questionable. i have had some very good dishes at 5 &10 but on the other hand, the worst 'sauerbraten' ever. i don't even know why they tried that dish. their forte is 'light', 'california'. don't expect too much from dishes which are supposed to be 'deep' in flavor....they don't do it. they do the light stuff very well. in no case would i describe it as NY quality.

            bischero has faded somewhat. i think they have discovered that there are no chef's in town and that no matter how hard they try, the wannabees can't cut it. when the Italians were there, they did wonderful, NY quality things. the wannabees have never really tasted the good stuff so they don't know what to aim for. so sorry to see that.

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              Five & Ten easily measures up to all but the very fanciest high-end restaurants in America. It's often profoundly good food, occasionally just very good, never worse than that, IMO.