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May 24, 2006 10:46 AM

Huntsville, Al.

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Looking for a really good catfish place in Huntsville, Alabama.


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  1. I know Rooster's in Madison has catfish. Not sure if it is too good. I hear the best catfish is at Greenbrier in Madison.

    1. After years of looking for decent catfish in Huntsville, I discovered Clem's this spring. It's a soul food restaurant/bar in a shopping center near the corner of Blue Spring Road and Mastin Lake Road in north Huntsville. Truly good catfish -- definitely better than Greenbrier. Also, Erney's, a soul food restaurant on Pulaski Pike, kind of across from Costco, has good catfish. And Surin, the Thai restaurant on Airport Road, does a nice Thai-style catfish with a sweet and sour sauce.

      1. Only good catfish is at McCollum's in Decatur. Greenbrier is for Huntsville people who are too lazy to drive all the way to Decatur.

        1. Top of the River in Guntersville and Catfish Cabin in Albertville are both about an hour from Huntsville and well worth the trip. Top of the River has great cornbread, pickled onions and slaw, too.

          1. Actually Cracker Barrel has good fried Catfish filets; I always get them with mashed potatoes and green beans. Rarely do I deviate from that when I go.