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May 23, 2006 01:29 PM

Lexington, KY Choices

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Heard about these places to Eat
On the River: Halls on the River and Bananas on the River
Downtown Lexington: Deshas, Bistro 147 , Annabelles.
Any thoughts on the dining choices above???

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    Bluegrass Dragon

    I would recommend DeSha's and Anna Belles, also a real nice french restaurant, Le Toulouse Restaurant on old Vine St. which is in the area also.

    I tried Hall's on the river, and was dissapointed. Food was average, and the place looked and felt like it needed a good cleaning.

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      This is an old thread, but in case anyone is looking in the future, I totally agree with Bluegrass Dragon's assessment of Hall's on the river. The beer cheese was good, but other than that I found the food bland and the actual restaurant did look and feel like it needed a top to bottom cleaning.

    2. I went to Bananas once, and it was not very good. Everything was breaded and deep-fried until it all tasted the same. I've heard Hall's is a little better, but about the same type of deep-fried food. Hall's is definitely more of a party atmosphere where a lot of locals go to hang out and drink.
      Bistro 147 is good, but not outstanding. I've only been there for lunch so maybe their dinner is better.
      Deshas is good. They have good steak, and I love their cornbread. I've heard Annabelles is good for drinks, but not for food.
      Other places you may want to try:
      Jonathan's: Pretty expensive, but worth it. Kind of stuffy, unless you sit in the bar.
      a la lucie's: Very quirky, trendy place with great food. Their French Onion soup is about the best I've had, and I love their chicken in phyllo.

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