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May 22, 2006 04:30 PM

BBQ in Outer Banks?

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Looking for good BBQ (hardwood coals, no gas/electric or pre-boiling) on the outer banks. Can't get further inland than elizabeth city. Thanks.

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    Maryland Crab

    Rather than drive inland, I would suggest you drive north to Corolla. Go past the lighthouse and turn on the road to the left toward old Corolla. There is a BBQ stand on the right - takeout only. It is easy to find because you can see and smell the smoke as he starts smoking the night before and his ribs and chicken are very good. Don't miss the baked beans as they are some of best I have had.

    We always stop by for a quart of pulled pork, ribs, extra sauce and beans and take it to the house (right in Whalehead) for some really good eats.


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      Just saw your post. Thanks!! My family is heading to the outer banks in a few weeks, and this is just the kind of place we are looking for. Most of us going are from the Boston Area, and there are a few BBQ places here, but certainly nothing to compare to NC!! Will definitely make a stop. We are staying in Whalehead so it is close by!!

      1. re: macca

        Bumping this to ask whether anyone knows if this place still exists and, if so, what their hours are and are they open Sunday? sounds delish!

        EDITING MY OWN POST--is this the place ?

        1. re: Produce Addict

          Produce Addict, yes that's the one, Corolla Village Barbecue. It's probably the closest thing to real eastern NC bbq that you'll find on the OBX.

          Corolla Village Barbecue
          1129 Corolla Village Rd, Coinjock, NC 27923

      2. re: Maryland Crab

        Corolla Village BBQ is awesome!. We get dinner at least twice when we visit every fall. They close when they run out of food, sometimes it's 4pm sometimes it's 7pm. It was run by a guy named Rich. I get it with sauce on the side, But I do that for everything. Make sure you get an extra chicken if you want to make a great smoked chicken salad the next day. If you looking for the real deal in Corolla, look for the sign and go to Corolla Village BBQ. Here's a few photos.. The last one is of Rich

        1. re: Fryboy

          Can NOT wait to go back here!! It's the cutest shack that you'll ever see, and of course the Q is spectacular, but it was the sides, the great sides that really impressed me.

      3. Seriously, no one has said Pigman's BBQ?! They have a restaurant in Kill Devil Hills and they have a smaller one on the other side of Duck. I frequented quite often and that was the go to place, that and Fish Bones in Duck. I've moved to the gulf coast of Alabama so i haven't been there in a while. I still love the Carolina Style Que. But try the tuna-que, it was delicious. I dont think i had anything but the tuna-que. There hush puppies are unique and tasty.

        Pigman's Barbeque
        1606 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948