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May 13, 2006 03:14 PM

jonesville/elkin sc

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Travelling south and staying in Jonesville, SC our first night. I know its a small town, but any recommendations for a good evening meal - steak, bbq, etc. Thanks.

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  1. NC or SC? The one in NC is next to Elkin. There are two in SC.

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      As a Jonesville native, I recommend Royal Drug in downtown Elkin for lunch (hot dogs and cherry smashes revered by all locals). You might also try Speedy Chef on North Bridge St for more good, local fast food.

      If the Elevator Cafe is still open in downtown Elkin, you might want to try that. It's probably the 'nicest' restaurant in town.

    2. Depending on the day of the week and your budget try The Kitchen at Elkin Creek Winery. (Open Thrs. Fri and Sat for lunch and dinner and Sunday for brunch)
      The Harvest Grill at Shelton Vineyards is open daily but is approx a 15 min drive north from your exit. Both of these locations will give you a taste of Yadkin Valley Wines. As long as you dont expect Napa Cabs, you shouldnt be disappointed.
      Harrys Place offers crab legs, beef filets and ribeyes on Wed, Fri and Sat nights, very very casual and you will not go hungry.
      Basin Creek has all you can eat shrimp on Mon and Tues nights. If you dont like shrimp, try the split hot dog on a hoagie bun or the 1/2 pound hamburger.
      I cannot recommend The Elevator.
      Before you leave in the morning go to John Boys BBQ on Hwy 67(Winston Road) and get the grilled tenderloin(pork) biscuit, a local favorite...

      1. Yeah The Kitchen at Elkin Creek has great food and wine, I highly recommend it...

        1. I'm travelling through and wanted to try The Elevator (other options are closed this early in the week). The Elevator is now McGee's on Main—I had a decent pasta (orecchiette in a sort-of-pugliese prep) and a local pale ale (St. Terese?) that was more than decent.

          1. I used to live on Royals hot dogs and hang out at the Speedy Chef. There used to be a "john boys" near the high school and I stopped there for breakfast every morning. They had good BBQ sandwiches too. Is the Pizza Inn still open---when I was there it had a good pizza lunch buffet...