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Apr 28, 2006 12:15 AM

Savannah, GA (The Lady & Sons Restaurant)

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Is the food at The Lady & Son's Restaurant worth a 8 hour roundtrip to the restaurant and back home?
Are there any other good buffet restaurants in Savannah, GA?

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  1. The food alone is not necessarily worth an 8 hour round trip. You'll probably also be standing in line for awhile waiting to get in. Savannah itself is worth the 8 hour round trip, if you stay a short while and enjoy the city.

    The hoecakes alone, however, put TL&S on the very short list of places that *would* be worth an 8 hour round trip, if I felt food alone could do that.

    I will say this, TL&S is the only place I have ever eaten where I stuffed myself so full of tasty food I nearly got physically ill. It was the hoecakes that did me in. I just can't turn them away.

    1. Used to be great now it is just acceptable. I recommend Charleston.

      1. Not anymore. Mrs. Wilkes maybe. Hominy Grill in Charleston is even better.

        1. >> Is the food at The Lady & Son's Restaurant worth a 8 hour roundtrip to the restaurant and back home?

          The food was above average, and for me, I got my $$ worth from the Beaufort stew. The mac and cheese was good, and so were the other veggies, HOWEVER...

          .all things considered....

          I'd say "No".

          The buffet was, IMHO a bit limited. One of the things they had on it, besides the stew, was chicken style steak... a bit gooey and I'd like to have seen something a bit more upscale than that.

          The salad bar was nothing special.

          And the corn cakes that they served were so greasy they needed to be centrifuged. Almost as though they fried them in grease that wasn't hot enough.

          We go to Savannah every year. But I doubt we'll go the The Lady and Sons again.

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            Unknown Eater

            Resounding NO in my opinion. 6 of us were there for dinner about a year ago when we were in Savannah for a seminar. Perhaps we expected too much, but all were disappointed. The consensus was the menu was uninspired and the food was sub par and greasy.
            Wouldn't go again and definitely wouldn't drive 4 hrs just for a meal there.